Messe day 1

We are at the Messe! And we are having fun! 😉 There’s a lot of cool stuff going on here, but also a note to the Messe-organization: get some decent internet connection at the Messe center!

We will tell you a lot more when we are back, but we can tell you what’s coming to Gearjunkies…

– Korg has previewed a new MIDI controller based on the MS-20 to their Legacy productline.
It is a USB MIDI hardware controller that is an exact replica of the classic monosynth. The MS20 controller can also be used to control other MIDI software via USB.

– There’s a new DJ Vinyl controller by to control your DJ CD player with vinyl… anyone? 🙂

– Reloop previewed a new line of turntables, heavily inspired by the Numark design. Reloop will be added to Gearjunkies very soon!

– Steinberg announced WaveLab 5, and also a cooperation between Steinberg and Yamaha integrates the Yamaha productline with Cubase, Nuendo, etc.

– TC Electronics announced that the Access Virus module for the Powercore is now shipping. Apart from that, Novation’s V-Station will be available to the Powercore very soon!

– We played with the Technics SL DZ 1200! and it’s pretty cool 😉 More later…

– Native Instruments showed a lot of new products; the Guitar Rig software synth with controller, the B4D which is an organ drawbar controller, and a new line of Express Keyboard software synths, which look like light versions of B4, FM7 and Pro53.

– Opensynth told us that the Neko is shipping. Cool!;)

Tomorrow we are going to get more information for you, and once we are back, a lot of pictures will be added! Stay tuned…..

…and now for some Frankfurter Pilsener..Cheers!

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