Messe day 2

Another day at the Messe where Gearjunkies are getting their hands on the latest and newest music gear! After some local lager yesterday, a short fresh report from the floor!

– Ecler announced and showed a new DJ mixer, the Nuo5, with integrated effects, and (drums roll) MIDI Sync out! The NUO-5 is a 5 stereo channel audio mixing controller equipped with the award winning ETERNAL Crossfader (5 year warranty) and featuring a powerful internal effect processor remotely editable through the ECLER edi:lab_1.0 PC Software (included). Through a USB conexion, the NUO-5 user can edit all 12 digital effects of the mixer and customize them with the edi:lab_1.0 PC software.

– M-Audio shows a Keystation 88, 88 keys, weighed masterkeyboard. The newest 88-key controller on the block with unprecedented real-time control features including 9 assignable faders and 24 assignable rotary dials. It’s way beyond anything in it’s class for software synth and sampler control.

– More from Steinberg, as they announce Halion 3. HALion 3 offers a new effects section with 27 effects and freely configurable output routing as well as improving on the already extensive HALion import functionality, with support added for Kurzweil, ZeroX BeatCreator and Kontakt files.

– The guys from Creamware told us that the current Creamware is pretty much a complete new company. They brushed through their product line, and made it a whole lot simpler. Their products are all covered in the Scope productline, and they have opened up the platform with a SDK that is available to everybody.

– Clavia goes OSX! The Nord Modular G2-editor is running on OSX on the Messe. To meet the needs of a large part of the music production community, Clavia has decided to port the Nord Modular G2 Editor to Mac OS X! Like with the Windows version of the G2 Editor, the communication with the G2 synthesizer is maintained via one of the the computer’s USB ports for optimal speed and performance. The Nord Modular G2 Editor for Mac OS X is planned for release in May and will be posted for download at – free of charge!

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