Denon introduces the DN-S1000 CD Player

At last, start-up DJ¹s can enjoy the luxury of Denon
design and build pedigree with a nifty little tabletop device that will meet
all their MP3 (as well as CD) requirements.

Denon knew an entry-level product was feasible for the first time after
adapting the template of the hugely-popular DN-S5000 into the feature-rich
(and keenly-priced) DN-S3000. With the DN-S1000 they have achieved their
objective, reducing the footprint of this portable beauty to a mere 226mm x
92mm (inc feet) x 215mm while still retaining advanced MP3 functionality.

In addition to its starter appeal, the DN-S1000 is sufficiently
well-specified to be considered as an add-on by seasoned turntable DJs, who
feel they are ready to straddle the different formats.

DN-S1000 CD Player:

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