Gemini announces the new TT01 and TT02 turntables

Presenting the first two members of Gemini’s TT-Series turntables, the TT-01 and 02! These hot new pieces of machinery debut a sleek new black design to our turntable catalog and come stamped with the new Gemini tag, signaling a fresher, more street-oriented feel to Gemini’s product line.

The new TT-Series comes equipped with a special Straight Tone-Arm system, providing superior tracking and virtually skip-free performance, making these turntable an absolute must have for scratch enthusiasts.

We’ve included an updated heavyweight aluminum platter equipped with attractive finger grooves on the outer edge, adding functionality for pitch manipulation. Speaking of pitch manipulation, we’ve set these units up with variable pitch sliders capable of the industry standard +/- 10%.

Getting sick of replacing that pesky spring-loaded target light? The TT-series turntables come equipped with a special RCA port where you can plug in an easily replaceable target light, thus eliminating the hassle.

Other features include our standard backlit LED buttons, conveniently embedded On/Off switch and updated slipmat design with the new Gemini tag. With their fresh look and functionality, the TT-01 and TT-02 are sure to be perfect additions to your DJ rig. Mix the party up with style and grace with the new TT-Series Turntables from Gemini.

Prices: TT-01: $ 169.95 us and the TT-02 $ 269.95 us.

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