Apogee’s Rosetta 200 now shipping

Apogee Electronics Corporation announced today that its latest 2-channel converter, the Rosetta 200, is now available worldwide through authorized dealers, and distributors.

The Rosetta 200 is a 2-channel version of its cousin the Rosetta 800 but offers the new and unique “CODA, Audio Finishing Module”, a trio of tools designed specifically to meet the demands of the hi-definition digital. Along with CODA, the Rosetta 200 features MIDI support, and full channel metering.

Rosetta 200’s CODA is a trio of tools that includes, Apogee’s Aptomizer (a level normalizer), Sample Rate Conversion (SRC), and UV22HR, Apogee’s legendary dithering technology. With CODA and premium Apogee conversion, the Rosetta 200 provides an end-to-end solution for capturing and maintaining the integrity of high-resolution audio. “The anticipation for this unit has been incredible and we are very pleased to be able to say that it is now available.

We took great care to offer the features, functionality and affordability that our customers were looking for as well as addressing the desire for hi resolution digital processing with CODA”, says Betty Bennett, Co-Founder and CEO of Apogee
The Rosetta 200 also offers an incredible range of connectivity options with an expansion card slot for Apogee’s new X-Series cards which facilitate direct connection to Pro Tools HD and Mix (X-HD and X-Digi-Mix cards) as well as a direct FireWire connection that supports S800/S400 standards (X-FireWire card).

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