Arturia updates the CS-80V

Arturia has released update version 1.2 of the CS-80V. It’s free to all registered users of the CS-80V. For downloads visit

The key features of this update are:

* Modulation matrix: The keyboard-follow has been added in the modulation sources available.

* Copy and paste SINGLES from one preset to another: it is now possible to select one SINGLE in any existing preset and paste it directly in another preset. This is particularly useful for creating rich multi-timbral presets efficiently.

* Polyphony (In the Multi-Mode setup): On each 8 single voices, possibility to manage from 1 to 4 polyphonic voices. For multi-timbral 8 SINGLE, the polyphony is not limited to 1 voice, but to 4.

* Ribbon controller: Following different requests, the Ribbon controller now offers the exact same behavior as the original. A linear variation of the oscillators frequency is possible, while the first mouse-click sets a relative position as a starting point.

* Ability to set up the plugin in multi audio output. In the Multi Mode setup, the host sequencer will recognize 10 outputs instead of 2: the 8 SINGLE outputs and the 2 master outputs.

* Audio Unit:compatibility with the latest versions of Audio Unit and Logic Audio.

Fixed Bugs :

* For ProTools: the management of the tempo synchronization was not working correctly in all configurations. This problem has now been corrected.

* Arpeggiator: the synchronization of the MIDI tempo from the host application was, in some cases, not responding correctly. Guess what? This is not the case any more.

* Oscillator:it was not possible to set the pulse width of the second oscillator on the previous version. This is now possible.

* There was a bug on the set-up of the parameters when closing the Multi Mode setup. This bug has now been now corrected.

* Ring modulator: the ring modulator was only playing on the left voice. It now plays on both voices.

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