Access announces 3 new Virus synths

Access Music is excited to announce the new VIRUS Total Integration (TI) Line of synthesizers, leading the world in a completely new direction with musical instrument and pro-audio convergence. TOTAL INTEGRATION uses innovative technology to greatly expand the VIRUS Synthesizer, resulting in an advanced stage/standalone instrument, while simultaneously extending the product capabilities with a suite of compelling studio integration features.

New synth features include greatly increased polyphony, 2 new oscillator types, a per-patch programmable arpeggiator, 16×2 delay/reverb fx, embedded singles in multi mode, and much more. The new TI products link to your computer with VIRUSControl™, a companion software product which ports the hardware synth into a host sequencer for use as a sample-accurate VST/AU instrument, simultaneously offering 2-way audio and MIDI connectivity, control surface functionality, editor and librarian functions, and more.

The VIRUS TI Line is comprised of three different models which all share the same technology inside for identical soft specifications. Products are expected to ship in December 2004.

THE VIRUS TI DESKTOP (EURO 1800 incl. 16% VAT) comes with mahogany styled wooden sides, flip-back I/O panel and 4U rackmounting kit.

THE VIRUS TI KEYBOARD (EURO 2350 incl. 16% VAT) features 61 semi-weighted keys with velocity and aftertouch sensitivity, mahogany styled wooden sides and a bright, illuminated logo on the back.

THE VIRUS TI PØLAR (EURO 2350 incl. 16% VAT) All white including frosty white LEDs, stylish aluminium sides, an illuminated logo at the back, with a block of solid walnut visible beneath the keyboard.

VirusControl screenshot:

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