Eventide announces H3000 TDM Factory plug-in

In a technology preview of the next offering in a series of H3000-based plug-ins, Eventide will be showing the H3000 Factory™ plug-in for Digidesign TDM ProTools. The H3000 Factory plug-in is based on the Factory algorithms used in the legendary H3000, ubiquitous in music production since its introduction in 1989.

The H3000 has been a staple of music production live and in the studio for fifteen years, said Ray Maxwell, Eventide vice president of sales and marketing. The Factory plug-in brings three of the most versatile and most popular H3000 algorithms to the Pro Tools desktop.

The heart of H3000 Factory is the ability to combine up to 18 effect modules together in completely unique ways using the “anything to anything” patchbay, delivering a virtually limitless array of sounds. Users can create their own signature effects with a combination of effects blocks, including delays, amplitude modulators, envelope followers, pitch shifters, filters, and low frequency oscillators. Each individual delay effect block offers looping capabilities, system tempo lock and high cut filtering. Filters have sweep and modulation capability and are selectable between band pass, high pass and low pass, all with variable Q. A Function Generator for parameter modulation is also included, giving users the options of 19 wave shapes, white noise generator, MIDI control, and side chain inputs.

With over 200 parameters in all, the H3000 Factory plug-in is a tweaker’s paradise, said Dan Gillespie, lead DSP Engineer on the project. Of course we will include all the H3000 presets from the Factory family, in addition to many new ones for those users who prefer the convenience of presets. Factory provides engineers, producers, and musicians with the tools to forge their own unique effects landscape.

For more information please visit www.eventide.com

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