Vermona accounces new spring reverb: the ReTubeVerb

Whilst the Retroverb and its endless spectrum of sonic possibilities was designed for those who enjoy experimental sound tweaking, the Re-tube verb is for lovers of the traditional tube sound … not that either of these sonic tastes should exclude the other.

In contrast to the transistor technology is the realisation of an uncompromising tube signal path, installed with great technical effort. This is why all of our tube units are minimized to the necessary essentials; and sound stunning as they are. Giving you a warm, round Spring Reverb effect with all the love and charm of the 60’s.

Input Section

The ReTubeVerb is fitted with an input on both the front and back side, each using a 6.3mm input socket.
The front input has a signal selection switch – so that trying different signal sources in a fixed cable set up is possible with little effort.

The back input is fitted with an additional “-10db Pad” switch. The indicator tube (PM 84), widely known as the “Magic Eye, serves not only to enhance the optical experience of the ReTubeVerb, but functions as the level meter: when both peaks meet in the middle the signal will be saturated with genuine and popular tube distortion.

Spring Reverb As with the Retroverb, the ReTubeVerb is fitted with an ACCUTRONICS Spring Reverb. This Type 9 spring module is hung with six springs, coupled and placed in parallel, resulting in 3 final springs that are roughly 36 centimetres in length.
The physical size of the springs and the dedicated effort in construction combines to create a rich, full reverb with a highly unique character.

Equalizer With the 3-Band-Equalizer you can shape the sound of the Reverb. The Bass, Middle and Treble dials allow you to raise or lower the frequencies at 60Hz, 600Hz and 7kHz by up to 15dB.

More info about the pricing and shipping date will be announces soon, so stay tuned!

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