Gemini introduces the i-TT turntable

Moving forward with the fresh and innovative look of the i-Series, Gemini is proud to announce the release of the i-TT Super High Torque Direct Drive Turntable.

The i-TT features a 2.2kg/cm high torque motor for quick starts and stable performance, as well as a height-adjustable, virtually unskippable straight tonearm, which stays in the groove even under harsh conditions.

In addition to it’s high gloss pearl white body with chrome trim and red LED-lit soft touch buttons, the i-TT also features a removable white long-life LED target light, an acoustically dampened, solid aluminum platter with wide finger grooves, and a +/- 10% pitch control with quartz lock for easy and precise adjustments.

The i-TT also provides detachable RCA and ground cables for an added level of convenience. With features to suit both scratch and beatmixing DJs alike, the i-TT not only looks great but also has the performance to back it up.

Release Date: April 2005

MSRP: $339.95

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