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Scarbee updates Blue Bass library

Earlier this month SCARBEE released Blue Bass, a sample library made for N.I. Kontakt 2 and Kontakt 3. Scarbee Blue Bass has been built to take advantage of the advanced scripting technology originally developed for the Black Bass. The sound is a classic and much time has been used on selecting right stings, string wearness and finger playing position to get the right sound.

NI Kontakt 2 now available for Receptor

NI Kontakt 2 now available for Receptor

Muse Research has finally released the Receptor installer helper file for Native Instruments Kontakt 2. This PREP installer, which can be downloaded by registered Receptor owners via Plugorama, enables existing owners of Kontakt 2 to install it on their Receptor and authorize it using the standard NI registration tool.

NI releases Kontakt 2 Experience!

NI releases Kontakt 2 Experience!

Native Instruments is excited to announce that KONTAKT EXPERIENCE is now available in stores worldwide. KONTAKT EXPERIENCE is the first instrument collection specifically designed for KONTAKT 2. By making full use of the advanced functionality of Native Instruments latest flagship sampler, KONTAKT EXPERIENCE goes far beyond the scope of a typical sample library, and turns KONTAKT 2 into a powerful music workstation that rivals any hardware synthesizer on the market.



NATIVE INSTRUMENTS is excited to announce KONTAKT EXPERIENCE, the first instrument collection specifically designed for KONTAKT 2. By making full use of the advanced functionality of NI latest flagship sampler, KONTAKT EXPERIENCE goes far beyond the scope of a typical sample library and turns KONTAKT 2 into a powerful music workstation that rivals any hardware synthesizer on the market.

NI KONTAKT 2 demo version now available!

NI KONTAKT 2 demo version now available!

KONTAKT 2 now available worldwide – The NI flagship sampler KONTAKT 2 hits stores worldwide. This extremely powerful and versatile production tool comes equipped with numerous new features: Up to 16 channels of surround sound, highly advanced script processing and a state of the art convolution effect are just a taste of what is in store. It has over 15GB of professional samples and is also compatible with virtually every sample and library format.

Native Instruments present major updates en new products

Native Instruments present major updates en new products

With the 2005 MusikMesse starting today Native Instruments presented some major updates and new products. Like we reported before NI released Reaktor 5 today. But that is not all. GUITAR COMBOS also received a great deal of attention. Based on GUITAR RIG’s award-winning technology, they emulate three legendary guitar combos with stunning authenticity and are particularly easy to use. Some 4500 excellent drum samples, spread over 36 unique drum kits were also released in the form of SYNTHETIC DRUMS 2. A long line-up of famed artists produced this sample library, ensuring a distinctive flavour. Of course all the recent NI releases were also featured, with a special emphasis on KONTAKT 2 and ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENTS 2 XT.

NI announces details of the KONTAKT 2 library

NATIVE INSTRUMENTS is excited to announce details on the library of the upcoming KONTAKT 2 software sampler. The factory library will set new standards in terms of sound quality and versatility, weighing in at more than 15 GByte and making extensive use of the new “Kontakt Script Processor” (KSP) for a wide range of advanced performance effects. A special version of the world-renowned VSL orchestra, a studio-quality Steinway Grand Piano, the innovative “Elektrik Guitar”, and a church organ sampled in 5.1 surround are
only some of the highlights of what will be the most powerful factory library of any sampler on the market.

The KONTAKT 2 library will include:

– a special version of the Vienna Symphonic Library (VSL) specifically made for KONTAKT 2, offering a full symphonic orchestra with supreme audio quality and playability. The VSL orchestra in KONTAKT 2 includes 30 instruments and takes advantage of the KSP engine for sophisticated performance effects including “Monophonic Legato” and “Repetition”

– a meticulously multi-sampled Steinway D Grand Piano that uses both the KSP engine and the integrated convolution engine to recreate the soundboard and sympathetic resonance of the sustain pedal samples

– an August Foerster Concert Piano with 10 velocity layers and a dedicated KSP module for control of release volume and sympathetic resonance

– the “Elektrik Guitar”, an extensively sampled electric guitar which goes beyond the limitations of conventionally sampled instruments by utilizing the KSP engine for realistic playing behaviour, including various strumming styles as well as authentic handling of ghost notes, harmonics and flageolets

– the “Akkord Guitar”, a KSP-based instrument that draws on a library of more than 3.500 acoustic guitar chord samples and allows for convenient creation of rhythmic guitar tracks due to an intelligent chord recognition mechanism

– a selection of church organs, including a massive cathedral organ sampled in full 5.1 surround for a truly overwhelming sonic experience

– a selection of electric pianos, including the Rhodes MK II from NIs acclaimed ELEKTRIK PIANO

– the “Automatic Harp”, a concert harp with unparalleled acoustic detail that enables extremely realistic glissandi and bisbigliandi thanks to a special KSP module

– a large assortment of tempo-synchronized loops from a huge variety of musical styles, taken in part from the Zero-G libraries “Altered States”, “Sound of the 70s” and “Total Drum & Bass”, all making extensive use of the KONTAKT 2 Time Machine and Beat Machine modes

– a library of high-quality surround effects, recorded with the SPL-Brauner Atmos 5.1 microphone system

– a wide selection of synthesizer sounds sampled from classic vintage analog and digital synthesizers, including a special modular synth bank designed by Kevin Lamb

– an extensive assortment of both electronic and acoustic drum kits and percussion sounds, taken in part from the BATTERY 2 library

– a selection of over 300 impulse responses, providing a wide variety of reverbs, filter, special effects and instrument resonances for the integrated convolution effect module.

For more information on the KONTAKT 2 library, please see

NI presents KONTAKT 2

NI presents KONTAKT 2

KONTAKT 2 is the second generation of NI´s award-winning flagship sampler. With a powerful new sampling engine, comprehensive surround integration, the unique KONTAKT Script Processor (KSP), integrated convolution effects and unrivaled import capabilities, KONTAKT 2 is simply the most advanced sampler ever.

At the heart of KONTAKT 2 lies a powerful new sampling engine that offers virtually unlimited polyphony as well as 64-part multi-timbrality, allowing for the most complex arrangements even within a single instance of KONTAKT 2. Multiprocessor support delivers up to 100% performance increase on dual processors systems, while Altivec optimization gives a further performance boost on Macintosh computers equipped with G4 and G5 processors.

The new surround integration in KONTAKT 2 is the definitive answer to the increasing role of surround in all areas of professional audio production, with support for multi-channel formats ranging from 3.0 up to 16.0, including industry standards like 5.1 and 7.1. All of the 13 effects in KONTAKT 2 are also fully surround-enabled, including a highly capable surround panning module that allows for precise sound field placement as well as sophisticated creative panning effects. KONTAKT 2 also features an output browser that gives a convenient overview about channel routing and output levels, making work in surround as effortless as with traditional stereo setups.