Stanton is now shipping the C.504 and C.503 dual CD players

The new C.504 is Stantons flagship dual CD player. It consists of a two-space CD player and a compact 3U rackmount controller with large jogwheels that provide turntable-style control. A newly-designed, highly reliable anti-shock buffer on the C.504 eliminates embarrassing CD skips. The C.504 plays back both standard CDs and MP3 encoded discs (on CD-R or CD-RW format), with the ability to pitch bend and change tempo while using effects. The CD players myriad of features includes seamless looping, reverse playback, and 10 seconds of sampling per deck.



Its versatile pitch control has an adjustable range, and independent pitch and tempo control via Key Lock and Key Shift functions is included as well. Three hot start/cue points are offered for quick cueing and instant playback, while synchronizable effects like filter, flange and delay help pro DJs be at their creative best. More features of the C.504 include automatic BPM detection with Tap key, a handy auto-cue function, fader start and continuous/relay play, and a S/PDIF digital output.

The new C.503 is a professional dual CD player designed for mobile and club DJs. It presents a more affordable solution for DJs who still require features like scratching, seamless looping, hot cue points, Key Lock (Master Tempo) and anti-shock memory. The C.503 offers an even smaller controller area than the C.504 (only two rackspaces) for compact installations. Even at its lower price point, the C.503 still provides anti-shock memory, independent pitch/tempo control, effects, and a digital output—making both the C.504 and C.503 excellent for serious DJ applications

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