Digidesign introduces ICON integrated console configurations

Digidesign is pleased to introduce six ICON Integrated Console configurations that enable audio professionals to quickly attain end-to-end control over projects while enjoying the tremendous value of pre-configured packages. ICON Integrated Consoles include essential ICON system components in several different configurations that are optimized for music and post production workflows and designed to fit operators rooms and budgets.

ICON Integrated Console configurations include:

-D-Control|32 MUSIC
-D-Control|32 POST
-D-Control|16 MUSIC
-D-Control|16 POST

Each ICON Integrated Console configuration includes an ICON D-Control or D-Command worksurface, a Pro Tools|HD 3 Accel system, modular Pro Tools|HD I/O interfaces and peripherals, a DigiDelivery Serv|LT file exchange server, and the HDpack 3 (v6) effects plug-in bundle. Each workflow-specific configuration is then loaded with additional hardware and software to match the needs of music and post production studios.

Music configurations add a PRE preamp, 192 I/O interface or 192 AD expansion card, and Synchronic beat and audio manipulation tool. Post configurations instead include Digidesign MachineControl software, the DigiTranslator 2.0 option, and the Avid Mojo video interface with the Avid Media Station|PT companion application.

Additional components — including peripherals and interfaces, HD Accel process cards, and plug-ins — can be added to the ICON Integrated Console configuration. ICON D-Control operators can also add Fader Modules (up to 80 faders) to extend the hands-on control of projects.

For more information, visit Digidesign’s website at www.digidesign.com

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