TC-Helicons VoicePro is now shipping

VoicePro, the new flagship voice processor from TC-Helicon, is now shipping. the VoicePro is the most technologically advanced voice-processing unit on the market today. A combination of proprietary voice processing algorithms developed through years of human voice research, and a voice-optimized compilation of essential vocal effects including classic TC algorithms, delivers limitless vocal sounds for music, game, post and commercial audio designer/producers.

VoicePro is designed to inspire creativity and save production time by allowing all aspects of a vocal performance to be altered once the talent has left the studio. VoicePro features include TC-Helicon’s 3rd generation VoiceModelingTM, Hybrid ShiftingTM and FlextimeTM algorithms allowing pitch, time and character of a voice to be refined and manipulated in ways that have previously been impossible to alter.

Producers can comfortably audition and place VoicePro’s natural harmony parts in a final mix. A unique µMod effect re-creates the timeless micro shifted and vocal chorus sounds. Additionally, sound designers and music producers will benefit from a Transducer algorithm that emulates telephones, radios and other quality reducing devices. To polish off any preset, VoicePro includes voice-optimized versions of classic TC reverbs and delays.

Integrating VoicePro in any studio setting is possible with 24/96 analog and multi-channel digital I/O that rivals the quality of dedicated converter products. The application based user interface centers around a 320 x 250 color TFT display. VoicePro becomes a vocal palette with 250 factory presets (250 user) that include four assignable parameters for instant tweaking.

Commenting on the new flagship vocal processor, TC-Helicon CEO, Kevin Alexander stated: “VoicePro is the culmination of 15 years of research into re-defining the production of vocals, and the most comprehensive human voice processor yet. Given the staggering possibilities of manipulating the human voice through VoicePro, we are convinced that this extraordinary new product will quickly become an indispensable production tool.”

VoicePro has a price of 2495 EUR retail ex. VAT.

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