Update: Yamaha announces the AW1600 and AW2400

Yamaha accounces two new digital audio workstations, the AW1600 and AW2400. The AW1600 and AW2400 will replace the AW4416 and AW16G.

The 16-track AW1600 includes eight phantom-powered combo inputs, a high-impedance guitar input, USB 2, 24-bit resolution and a 40GB hard drive, Pitch Fix algorithm for correcting vocal tracks, Quick Loop Sample function, guitar and mastering effects, and sample playback pads.


The AW2400 offers 24 simultaneous tracks of playback, motorized 100mm faders and a 40GB internal drive. The 24-bit device offers eight phantom-powered XLR inputs, eight 1/4-inch TRS inputs, insertion inputs on channels 1 and 2, four dedicated aux outputs, an integrated Pitch Fix function and USB 2. The AW2400 has 10 user-definable function keys and a large LCD screen.


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