Metasonix introduces the Butt Probe

The Metasonix TX-2 is entirely made of vacuum tubes. To be specific,
three type 4BN6 beam modulator devices. They were intended for
use in crummy TV sets as FM detectors, and were not meant
for audio processing applications.

Only Metasonix knows how to apply these strange devices to audio
processing. We know how to ream those guitar-sucking buttboys out,
real good.

The TX-2 can accept guitar, mic or line-level signals, though it works best with line level. By utilizing the inherent non-linearity of the 4BN6 tubes, the TX-2 offers a broad range of distortion effects. Carefully adjusting the FIST and REAM controls allows the user to vary the screen-grid voltages of the first two tubes–FIST controls the first
(input) tube, REAM the second tube in the string.

We feel that the TX-2 BUTTPROBE is far more extreme than the famed Sherman Filterbank, and far more tube-freaky than your mother’s enema kit. Face it, butt-probing is a worldwide everyday amusement. It works for you, we can tell. And clearly, Americans LOVE to have their butts probed. Look at the freaks they vote into political power. Proper use of the TX-2 BUTTPROBE can be infinitely more satisfying than watching Tucker Carlson mopping his ass-crack with your girlfriend’s hair. Your girlfriend might like it too.

Only 100 pieces of the TX-2 will be made. It’s a limited issue. Retail price in USA is $549.

(Anal lubricant is not included.)

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