Denon DJ introduces new DN-HP1000

Denon DJ is introducing the new DN-HP1000 High Performance Professional DJ Headphones. Designed to provide DJs with the ultimate monitoring tool, the DN-HP1000 headphones utilise a dynamic, closed-back design for superior isolation. Additionally, these new headphones employ one of the largest speaker drivers (53 mm) in their class for outstanding audio quality at high volume levels, and feature rich bass with an extended high-end frequency response (5-33,000 Hz).

Based on market input gathered directly from DJs, the DN-HP1000 headphones’ soft padded ear cups are able to swivel a full 180 degrees because of Denon’s dual pivot action, which provides maximum comfort for hours of listening. In addition, the DN-HP1000 utilises a rugged folding design, dual nickel-plated adapter (1/4in and 1/8in) and semi-coiled soft insulated cord with reinforced cable strain, and include a stainless steel plate etched with the distinctive Denon DJ logo on each of the headphone cups.

The lightweight (11.28 oz/320g) DN-HP1000 headphones come complete with a leather carrying bag.

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