Speck releases new line mixer – X.Sum

Speck Electronics, a manufacturer of quality professional audio products, today announced it is shipping the X.Sum. The X.Sum is a 1U analog line mixer that will mix 32 signals with unmatched signal routing, generous amounts of headroom, and a neutral signal path. The X.Sum can be used for external DAW summing, line inputs for external mic preamps, or as a submixer for synths and samplers.

The X.Sum design takes you beyond the simple “hard-left” or “hard-right” summing box, and gives you 16 “stereo” input channels with level, pan, mix assign, and mono select. Priced at $1490.00, the X.Sum is now available from select audio dealers as well as factory direct.

Speck Electronics has been producing quality professional audio products for over 30 years. Founded in 1973, Speck Electronics has consistently provided innovations in audio mixers for all segments of professional recording and touring. Other products include the XTRAMIX rack mixer, LiLo line mixer, the Model ASC 4 band equalizer, and the MicPre 5.0 preamp.

More info on the new X.Sum at our product page (link below).

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