Roland offers free tutorials on the MV-8000

MV-8000 Workshop Series Now Available – Roland has just released its new 10-volume MV-8000 Workshop Series. Each volume is available as a separate .PDF download, so that you can download them as needed and start creating tracks immediately.

– MV-8000 Workshop Series 01: Creating a New Project
An MV-8000 project holds for everything you need when you’re working on a song. This booklet will help you understand how to get the most from your projects, and how to set up them up for the way you like to work.

– MV-8000 Workshop Series 02: Loading Patches
This booklet explains how to load patches into the MV-8000 when you’re trying to find the sounds for a project, or when you just want to have some fun playing the MV-8000.

– MV-8000 Workshop Series 03: Sampling
This booklet gets you started with MV-8000 sampling. It’s also intended as a companion for the MVWS04, MVWS05, MVWS06, and MVWS07 booklets, which discuss some of the more advanced ways you can sample.

– MV-8000 Workshop Series 04: Auto Chop
It’s easy to slice up a sample into separate sounds you can play on the MV-8000 pads. This booklet explains how to do this using the MV-8000’s Auto Chop feature.

– MV-8000 Workshop Series 05: Importing a Sample from CD
Learn how to make samples from audio CD and data CD-ROMs.

– MV-8000 Workshop Series 06: Direct Recording
Did you know you can use the MV-8000’s sampler to simply record along with your sequenced tracks? This booklet explains how.

– MV-8000 Workshop Series 07: Spreading a Sample Across the Pads
This booklet explains how to lay out a single sample across a set of pads so you can play it at different pitches.

– MV-8000 Workshop Series 08: Getting the Most from Sample RAM
The MV-8000 makes it easy to trim away samples you’ve decided not to use so that you have more room for stuff you do want. This booklet explains how to “optimize” a project.

– MV-8000 Workshop Series 09: MPC-to-MV Translator
This booklet is for people migrating to the MV-8000 from AKAI MPC™ products. If you know how to do something on an MPC, this booklet will tell you how to do it on the MV-8000.

– MV-8000 Workshop Series 10: Getting Around the MV-8000’s Hard Drive
If you own an MV-8000, and don’t own a personal computer, this booklet explains how to navigate the MV-8000’s hard drive.

Download the tutorials/workshops at the Roland US website.

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