Shoot MIDI into your synths with the Midigun

The “midiGun” is a novel handheld midi controller. This gunshaped interface was especially designed to remotely control realtime music softwares like Ableton LIVE, Traktor DJ or others.

The “midiGun” replaces the classical DJ mixer and the keyboard at the same time. The “midiGun” is a new kind of device that can be intuitively used because of its handy shape and easy accessible knobs, buttons and sensors.

The user can trigger and control sounds and effects on a PC without watching a monitor or using a mouse and keyboard. The controllers and sensors can be individually customized to fit the connected software or to serve special user preferences. The “midiGun” offers 16 different controllers which can be cascaded in 16 switchable sets. This allows for a total of 256 independent sound and effects controls at the reach of your fingertips. Additional lighting effects and a visible distance measuring laserbeam guarantee for the attention of the audience. The “midigun” is based on the Doepfer “Pocket Electronics”.

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