Moog music outgrows facility

Moog Music Inc. recently opened the doors to their new manufacturing facility and headquarters in Asheville, N.C. The new facility is double the size of the former location, which was also located in Asheville. Moogs new space includes additional room for increased product production, a customer listening room and a product display area.

With several successful products introduced over the last several years and more scheduled for delivery, Moog’s growth was the driving force behind the move.

The move highlights a new Moog era without their founder, Bob Moog who passed away in early August.

“Bob Moog helped pick out this space and design the layout,” states company President, Mike Adams. “We felt that it was important to stay in Asheville, where our roots are, and this area meant so much to Bob. Although Bob did not get the opportunity to work in the finished space, his legacy lives on through the products he developed and the people that he worked so closely with. We are excited to settle into the new facility and continue the great tradition of innovation that is Moog.”

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