Hartmann headed for bankruptcy

Hartmann, manufacturers of the Neuron and Neuron VS, have stated that they are on the brink of bankruptcy. A subcontracter which produces the Hartmann products sold a large number of products from their stock against under-cost prices, without the knowledge of Hartmann, to internet resellers. The result of these illegal sales is the total breakdown of the Hartmann sales structure.

Many distributors and resellers have bought stock against regular prices only days before, to find out that other stock appeared at internet stores against these under-cost prices. The basis to sell this product at normal prices has now been destroyed and is taking Hartmann down in its fall, as many customers and distributors are furious because thay bought the Hartmann Neuron VS at a normal (high) price. Hartmann is only a small company and will probably unable to survive such a crash.

But it isn’t over yet. Hartmann is in the middle of looking at Legal Action against its sub-contractor. A story that will continue for a while, but again … it doesn’t look good for Hartmann.

The information above is posted on the Hartmann Website. As there isn’t an english translation yet we don’t take any responsibility for the above text.

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