Sony has created a musical game called Block Jam

Block Jam is a musical interface controlled by the arrangement of 25 tangible blocks. By arranging the blocks musical phrases and sequences are created, allowing multiple users to play and collaborate. The system takes advantage of both graphical and tangible user interfaces. Each block has a visual display and a combination of a gestural input and a click-able input. Each Block metaphorically contains a sound group that can be chosen via the gestural input, the click-able input changes a block functionally. Thus, musically complex and engaging configurations can be rapidly assembled. The tangible nature of the blocks and the intuitive interface promotes face-to-face collaboration, and the presence of the GUI allows for remote collaboration across a network.

By creating both a tangible and a visual language, we are able to create endless meaningful musical structures in a novel and intuitive way that predisposes itself to collaboration and exploration, face to face or via a network, pushing interactive music towards the casual user.

Purpose Of Block Jam

-To create a collaborative musical interface.
-To explore the idea that simple interface elements such as a block, can allow an inexperienced user to create a complex musical experience that is engaging for both the musical novice and the musically adept.
Exploration and creativity where music is not first composed and then listened to, but interactively arranged and re-arranged from the elements at hand to blur the boundaries between the performer, composer and audience.

More info on the Sony website

For a demonstration movie (quicktime ) Click here

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