Creamware SCOPE DSP system update to Version 4.5

CreamWares SCOPE line of DSP cards are now shipping with software version 4.5. The new software package features new features and plugins such as the SBC Spectral Balance Controller mastering plugin.

Also the software package that ships with SCOPE home has been upgraded significantly. It now contains the formerly optional “Effects Extension” and “Synth Extension” – thus providing a dazzling array of 30 new highly useful plugins which can all be used in the “live” domain, without any latency.

Last but not least, version 4.5 now contains all these fabulous large scale digital mixers that were previously only available with SCOPE project and SCOPE professional. SCOPE home will not have the DSP resources to connect and use all mixer channels available, but it still lets you enjoy professional console features with reduced number of channels.

More details are posted on the Scope Platform website.

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