Mackie releases C4 Commander software

C4 Commander brings the world of Mackies ultra-hip C4 hardware controller to your new or vintage MIDI hardware opening up control possibilities once buried in menus and limited display.

Imagine, keyboardists can finally tweak all the parameters in their favorite synths, guitarists can tweak their guitar processors, and audio engineers can unlock all the power of their rackmount reverbs while staying in the monitoring “sweet spot.” Using an intuitive drag-and-drop visual interface, C4 Commander allows users to map parameters of hundreds of popular MIDI hardware devices to the V-pots and scribble strips of the C4, delivering hands-on control and visual feedback to the rest of your studio.

More than 180 instrument profiles are included, and custom C4 layouts are easily constructed. You can even map parameters of different devices to a single page on the C4 for an incredibly wicked live performance controller. (Imagine having control of filter cutoff for all your synths, both hard and software, on a single C4 controller page!) The level of hardcore tweakability is limited merely by having only 10 fingers and 24 hours in a day.

C4 Commander features:
* Completely customizable layouts; users can even map parameters of multiple devices on a single C4 page
* Integrated layout editor allows user to apply custom labeling to upper row of scribble strip, for easy to read and navigate custom layouts
* Use C4 hardware buttons to select different layouts, choose screen spits, and more
* Ships with pre-existing library of more than 180 instruments and effects processors, plus ability for user to create new profiles
* Upcoming website allows for sharing user created layouts
* Ideal for keyboard players, recording engineers, guitarists, sound designers and more
* Works on both Mac and PC; uses very little CPU power

More information is available at the Mackie site.

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