Reloop announces two new CD players

The year is 3 days old and Reloop announces several new products. The products we are interested in are the brand new singe and double CD players, the RMP-909 and the RMP-2860s.

The RMP-909 s sets the standard in MP3-CD mixing! This table top CD player features a number of functions that are easy to operate. The effect section can be synchronised with the BPM of the track playing, and is easy to operate. The large LCD display of the club player and its bright blue light are easy on the eyes and perfect to read. The high-end scratch simulator and the dynamic jog dial combine the vinyl feel with all the technical advantages and ingenuity of a professional MP3 CD player.

The RMP-2860s is Reloop’s professional MP3-compatible double CD player. Convention and fast access to MP3-tracks by folder search. Large, easy to read displays and MP3 track listing. With a 10 second anti-shock memory and an integrated beatcounter (automatic and manual), a secure mix is guaranteed. With its four independent sample banks and a seamless loop function the RMP-2860 s is perfect for contemporary mixing.

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