MFB announces two new products

MBF announces on there website two new products: the Step64, a 64 staps sequencer and a new filter the MultiFilter.

The MFB-Step64:

The MFB-Step64 is a step-sequencer with up to 64 monophic steps or 16 4-voice polyphonic steps. In monophonic mode it is possible to enter 16 steps with five parameters each, 32 steps with 3 parameters each oder 64 note on/off steps. Additional parameters can be velocity, gate-time (1/6 to 6/6) or 2 control voltages for additonal control (e.g. filter cutoff).

The CV can be changed per step. You may also use the MFB-Step64 for 2 monophonic sequences with 3 parameters, for 4 monophonic sequences or as a 4-voice polyphonic note on/off sequencer.

Each mode has 118 separate memory locations. You may inlcude pause into a sequence as well as legato notes by pressing two or more notes next to each other. On mode 4 ( 4-voice, polyphonic) you can easy create chords (e.g. major, minor). Each sequence can use one of 15 shuffle settings to give it more liveness. The song mode finally allows to create a structure out of the existing sequences with up to 128 steps. Transposition of the sequence is directly possible by the sequence buttons or an via MIDI.

The MFB-Step64 is 175 x 125 x 38/72 mm in size and comes with an external power supply. Also included are two adaptor cables for the CV/Gate outputs.

The price is 245 Euro

The MFB-MultiFilter:

The MFB-MultiFilter is an analogue stereo-effects processor that can be used to edit, filter and modify the input signal. The input signal is leveled with the initial gain stage and through an adjustable compressor. From here, the signal enters a Ring Modulator that uses internal or external sources for processing and that can be controlled by the integrated step-sequencer.

Next is a distortion stage, again under manual or sequencer control. The Routing pushbutton sets the signalflow from here: select a direct feed to the outputs, send the signal parallel to both filter sections or chose a serial routing from the 12 dB filter into the 24 dB filter, or vice versa.

The 24 dB Lowpass-Filter is the well-established cascade filter with adjustable cutoff and resonance that can both be modulated by different sources. The envelope generator has Attack and Decay controls as well as a Contour knob for adjustable intensity. Spacing shifts the cutoff frequency between the stereo filter’s left and right channel. Here, the sequencer section can modulate cutoff, resonance, spacing and decay of both filters units.

The basic function of the 12 dB multimode filter are alike but offer further options: Highpass, Lowpass and Bandpass modes are available concurrently and offer individual level controls.

Balance allows one-knob-crossfade-control between the 24 dB- and 12 dB filter section, and is under LFO control for modulation. The output panorama control is again manually adjustable or can be modulated. Finally, there’s a level control for the output as well as a convenient bypass switch.

The MFB-MultiFilter includes three internal step-sequencers that can adress one of twelve modulation destinations each. Each sequencer stores ten programmable sequence lines with up to 16 steps. In addition, an internal sequence can be replaced either by a MIDI-sequence or by an audio signal connected to the EXT input. If EXT is not connected, the regular input signal will be used for the envelope follower section.

The MFB-MultiFilter measures 320 x 310 x 38/72 mm and includes an external power supply.

The price is 480 Euro

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