Linplug updates for Albino 3, Cronox and Octopus

LinPlug recently has updated three of their products. Albino to v3.0.1, CronoX/Sophistry to v3.0.6 and Octopus to v1.2. Also released are Universal Binary version for Intel based Mac computers.

Albino v3.0.1 improvements:
* Reduced CPU load with open layer window.
* Alternative color for text displays.
* Fixed seldom crash on closing editor while sequencer is running.
* Fixed resizing in Logic 5/6 (Mac only).
* Filters do now bypass when switched off.
* Fixed hangup when loading sessions with multiple instances of Albino (Mac AU only).
* Improved sound when feeding filters with spreaded oscillators at full volume.

CronoX3 / Sophistry v3.0.6 improvements:
* Now for Intel-based Mac computers.
* Fixed Mod-Wheel to Time-Sampler crackles.
* Fixed crashes when using spreaded osc to fm/am another osc.
* CronoX now sound compatible to Sophistry.

Octopus v1.2 improvements:
* Now for Intel-based Mac computers.
* Further reduced CPU load.
* Envelopes now in sync even for very long notes.
* Improved voice stealing.
* Fixed seldom incomplete redrawing when switching oscillators.


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