SummerNAMM: Steinberg announces Groove Agent 3 and WaveLab Studio 6

Groove Agent 3 adds even more virtual drummer player technologies and studio-grade content to Steinbergs Groove Agent VST instrument. WaveLab Studio 6 is a new, streamlined version of Steinbergs multi award-winning audio editing and mastering application, and sets new standards for functionality and value in its price class.

Groove Agent 3 – Your unbeatable virtual drummer
Groove Agent 3 is the third incarnation of Steinberg’s phenomenally successful Groove Agent virtual drummer VST instrument, and is a major step up from previous versions. Groove Agent 3 combines a huge library of drum and percussion sounds with a range of player technologies to give you dynamic, ready-to-go drums, beats, rhythms and percussion in only a few mouse clicks. Top-quality drum samples and live recorded drum performances in a massive number of variations cover 123 different styles from over 50 years of music history, automatically synced to the song tempo. And Groove Agent 3 also features more kits and sounds, including 3 new top-rate acoustic drum kits, as well as the ability to import user samples in wav and AIFF format for even more flexibility.

Groove Agent 3 adds two new agents to the Classic Agent seen in previous versions: Special Agent and Percussion Agent. While the top-notch Special Agent adds an astoundingly realistic studio drummer complete with new acoustic drum kits to Groove Agent 3’s arsenal, the Percussion Agent is specialized in red-hot percussive grooves and beats. The new Dual Mode puts any two of the three agents together in the recording studio for scorching virtual drum and percussion sessions – all within one single VST instrument. And while Groove Agent 3 breathes new life into any production with its inspiring and inventive drum performances, it’s also an ideal sparring partner for practice or jam sessions.

* Add inspiring live drum patterns and percussion performances in real-time to your song and quickly record the result.
* Covers almost any style: 123 styles total – 108 Groove Agent and 15 Special Agent drum styles plus hundreds of percussion performances played by professional studio drummers – automatically synced up to song tempo.
* Variations with 25 complexity levels in each style, including fills, intros, endings and half tempo feel variations.
* Huge audio library: 10 richly detailed acoustic kits and 9 drum machines plus a vast array of acoustic and electric percussion sounds in outstanding quality.
* Classic Groove Agent module offers fully editable drum styles with corresponding kits and FX.
* NEW – Special Agent module features 15 complete live drumming styles, each containing 75 different performances.
* NEW – Percussion Agent module with 8 groups of red-hot recorded percussion grooves with hundreds of percussion performances.
* NEW – Dual Mode combines the breathtaking creative power of two Agents playing side by side within the same VSTi.
* NEW – flexible User Import Sample feature (wav/AIFF) – Create your own kits.
* NEW – Realistic rolls and paradiddles thanks to Alternating hits for each drum on every note. This means no more machine gun effect.
* NEW – Auto Fill functionality and useful Speed control for jamming and practicing.
* RealAmbience technology offers true recorded ambience for drum kits to perfectly blend into any mix.
* NEW – 9-band EQ and compressor for each of the 12 stereo outputs, useful Presets included.
* Record Groove Agent beats to a MIDI track with Cubase and Nuendo or export Groove combinations to a MIDI file for further editing in any host.
* Supports all major formats: VST, DXi, AU + Rewire for easy Pro Tools® integration.
* Standalone version with multiple-output support included.

Groove Agent 3 will be available in September 2006.

WaveLab Studio 6 – Audio Editing and Mastering Suite
WaveLab Studio 6 combines state-of-the-art audio technology from the award-winning WaveLab 6 with a streamlined workflow and a full complement of editing and mastering features targeted at project studios and aspiring musicians. It includes the same sample accurate 32-bit audio engine and a wide range of advanced tools with the pristine audio quality originally engineered for top mastering and editing professionals in WaveLab 6. The Studio version provides many of its next-generation features and capabilities to make it one of the world’s best editing and mastering solutions in its price range.

* Sample accurate audio editor with crystal clear audio processing at up to 192 kHz and 32 bit floating point resolution
* Stereo and multi-channel non-destructive editing with versatile clip grouping over multiple lanes
* Video track for sample accurate alignment of audio and video
* Powerful real-time engine with integration of clip-based, track-based and global effect plug-ins
* Superior audio processors including DIRAC time stretch and pitch shift algorithms
* State-of-the-art audio plug-ins for EQ, Resampling, Declicking, Denoising and many more
* Redbook compatible PQ editing including Audio-in-Pause, CD-Text and track sheet export
* Extended audio file handling and manipulation system including files sizes > 2 GB
* Sonogram-style Spectrum View for quick overview of the frequency structure of the audio file with simultaneous aligned use of Wave- and Spectrum View
* Extremely versatile batch processing and scripting features

WaveLab Studio 6 will be available in Q3, 2006.

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