SM Pro Audio announce new Nano series

The new bubble packed super compact Nano series products are now available. The XP200 phone preamplifier, XPH4 multi-channel headphone amplifier, and XPM1 microphone preamplifier are now available.

The new Nano series products have been designed as highly affordable compact audio solutions for use by home and professional audio enthusiasts alike. With excellent technical properties, robust steel contruction, and simply operational feature sets, the Nano series pack a serious punch without putting a hole in your wallet!

The XP200 is a portable stand-alone phono preamplifier designed to convert any turntables audio output to a suitable line level signal for recording or playback.

The XPH4 is an extremely compact high powered multi-channel headphone amplifier. Conveniently powered from either battery or DC adaptor, and housed in a hardened steel chassis, this robust little beast features 4 high-powered independently controllable headphone amplifiers.

The XPM1 is a compact battery/or DC powered microphone preamplifier offering 50dB of adjustable gain and phantom power. Designed for both project studio and field location recording environments, and boasting excellent technical specifications, the XPM1 is ideal for a wide variety of applications.

SM Pro Audio

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