Doepfer announces 2 new modules

Doepfer annouces 2 new modules: the A-111-2 Dynamic VCO and the A-188-2 Tapped BBD Module.

Module A-111-2 is a very complex sound source. Though the front panel and scheme may look a bit complicated the design of the VCO is straight forward.

The main section of the module is a triangle VCO core (left bottom of the diagram). It has available the usual controls and inputs: manual frequency control (probably coarse and fine, and maybe an additional switch for VCO/LFO mode), CV1 with 1V/octave scale and CV2 for exponential FM. In addition a linear FM input with attenuator (probably with a switch for AC/DC coupling) and a hard sync input are available.

The A-188-2 is another module that is based on a so-called Bucket Brigade Device (BBD). If you are not familiar with BBDs please refer to the A-188-1. There you can find some details about this special type of circuits.

The main difference between A-188-1 and A-188-2 is the type of BBD circuit that leads to completely different module principles. The A-188-1 uses different single BBD chips with one signal input and one signal output. In contrast the A-188-2 uses as so-called tapped BBD that has available six outputs – the so-called taps after the BBD stages 396, 662, 1194, 1726, 2790 and 3328. In the A-188-2 we use this special BBD circuit (MN3011) to obtain these module features:

The module has available two separate mixing units. For both mixers the levels and polarities of each BBD output can be adjusted to obtain two different mixtures of the BBD outputs. A new type of potentiometers with center detent and center terminal is used for the BBD mixing controls to have a better feel for the neutral position. Each mixer has a wet/dry control at its output that allows choosing between the pure input signal (original), the BBD mix or anything in between. The two outputs can be treated as stereo outputs but it is also possible to use one of the outputs for other applications.

Prices and shipping dates:
The A-111-2 will cost around 250 euros and will be shipped end 2006
The A-118-2 will cost around 200 euros and will be shipped end 2006

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