Genelec annouces surround sound solutions

Genelec announces two new comprehensive multi-channel monitoring systems specifically designed for recording studios and postproduction suites with control rooms measuring up to 3000 cubic feet.

The 8020.LSE Espresso™ and 8030.LSE PowerPak™ systems are perfectly tailored solutions which simplify the process of creating a new multi-channel monitoring system or upgrading an existing stereo monitoring environment to 5.1 surround.

The 8020.LSE Espresso system consists of five Genelec 8020A two way, bi-amplified active monitors matched with the new Genelec 7050B LSE™ Series Active Subwoofer. In addition, Genelec provides detailed setup information in the 7050B Operating Manual to allow easy wiring and configuration of an Espresso 5.1 monitoring system or sub-assisted stereo system.

This system is perfect for control rooms measuring up to 2500 cubic feet (H x W x D). The suggested retail price for the complete 8020.LSE Espresso system is $2,995.00 US.

At the heart of the system is Genelec’s new 7050B LSE subwoofer, which employs Genelec’s proprietary Laminar Spiral Enclosure™ (LSE) technology. Because of this unique technology, the compact 7050B extends the LF response down to 25 Hz with amazing bass articulation. Like all Genelec LSE active subwoofers, the 7050B features extremely low distortion and outstanding accuracy. Designed to complement Genelec’s 8020A active monitors in stereo and surround applications, the 7050B can also be used to complement Genelec’s 8030A monitor in a stereo setup.

The 8020A monitor is part of Genelec’s revolutionary 8000 MDE™ (Minimum Diffraction Enclosure™) Series, which takes a new approach to enclosure design, driver technology and active electronics. In order to improve frequency and power responses, Genelec has designed a highly innovative enclosure, featuring rounded edges and gently curved front and sides. In addition to unsurpassed frequency response, the minimized cabinet edge diffraction provides superb imaging qualities. The 8020A utilizes an entirely aluminum MDE design with integrated Advanced Directivity Control Waveguide™ (DCW™), yielding large internal volumes with exceptional mechanical strength.

The 8020A is magnetically shielded for use in environments where video monitors are in close proximity. As found on all 8000 Series products, Genelec also provides integrated fixing holes for easy wall-mounting using standard third-party wall mounts. Genelec’s smallest speaker to date, the 8020A comes in white and silver, as well as standard producer black, to enable seamless visual integration into nearly any environment.

Also included with each 8020A monitor is the unique Genelec Iso-Pod™ (Isolation Positioner/Decoupler™). The Iso-Pod is a clever mounting stand that allows for monitoring and enables the end user to accurately aim the acoustic axis of the monitor to the listener, as well as mechanically decouple the 8020A from the surface on which it rests.

Genelec offers the 8030 LSE PowerPak system comprised of five Genelec 8030A two way, bi-amplified active monitors, one Genelec 7060B LSE Series Active Subwoofer, and a Genelec Acousti/Tape frequency/wavelength measuring tape.

In addition, a Genelec 8030.LSE PowerPak setup guide is included for accurate speaker placement, wiring and fine-tuning. It is perfect for control rooms measuring up to 3000 cubic feet (H x W x D). The suggested retail price for the complete system is $5,400.00 US.

As the cornerstone of the system, the Genelec 7060B LSE Series Active Subwoofer, like its little brother the 7050B, employs Genelec’s proprietary Laminar Spiral Enclosure technology. Designed for multi-channel professional surround sound monitoring environments, the 7060B also features extremely low distortion levels and outstanding articulation. In addition, the 7060B boasts Genelec’s 6.1 bass management system, which has six signal input and output channels (L/C/R Front and L/C/R Rear), as well as a discrete LFE signal input with a selectable 85/120 Hz low-pass filter and a summed signal output, providing flexibility and easy connection. The built-in bass management unit splits the six main channel input signals into low and high frequency components, accurately dividing the input signal between the subwoofer and main speakers. A dedicated LFE In input connector enables easy set-up and accurate monitoring of the LFE channel in 5.1 and 6.1 digital surround sound systems with a selectable +10 dB boost.

The five 8030A monitors included in Genelec’s PowerPak system are from the revolutionary 8000 Minimum Diffraction Enclosure Series. The 8030A is a compact close-field system featuring a high degree of accuracy and exceptionally wide dynamic range. Powered by a pair of precisely crafted 40-Watt amplifiers, the Genelec 8030A monitors offer a wide frequency response in addition to extremely low harmonic distortion. The 8030A has a front-mounted volume control, and rear panel bass and treble tilt room response controls. Housed in a diecast aluminum enclosure, the 8030A features rugged construction with massive heat dissipation capability and excellent shielding against RF interference. Each speaker is EM shielded for additional protection when used in close proximity to video monitors. Like the Genelec 8020A, each 8030A monitor comes complete with the unique Genelec Iso-Pod.

According to Bruce Bartone, National Sales Manager for Genelec Inc., “The Genelec PowerPak and Espresso surround system packages have been specified in a wide range of installations, including Pixar, NASA, ESPN, various U.S. government training facilities, and wide range of mobile HD production vehicles, showing their true versatility where the primary criteria is realistic and absolutely neutral sound reproduction.”

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