Neve launches PS/1 powerstation

Since its introduction, the AMS Neve Definitive Film Console or DFC has set the standard for audio in the international film industry, with over 70% of top-grossing movies mixed on the system.

Now AMS Neve brings the same power to the dubbing and premixing session with the launch of the PS/1 PowerStation — a single-user, slimline, 384-path version of the DFC Gemini. Post production houses looking to enter the film or episodic TV market will also be well served by the PS/1’s mixing capabilities.

With Star Command, the PS/1 integrates completely with Pro Tools®, Nuendo or Pyramix environments as a combined high definition digital audio console and workstation controller. As a controller, the PS/1 offers efficient, highly advanced performance and unrivalled power. With just a 1.2m footprint, the PS/1 provides access to 384 signal paths. High resolution TFT metering and WavTrak audio waveform display is included, with stem metering and clear graphical EQ and routing displays. Full surround monitoring and machine control are all built-in, with no add-ons required.

At the heart of the PS/1 is the availability of AMS Neve’s acclaimed signature sound — mic pres, dynamics, EQ, converters and mix buses — at standard and high-resolution sample rates up to 192 kHz and beyond, to 384 kHz super high-definition (SHD). Classic Neve 1081R mic preamps can be located in the recording area and controlled from the Encore Plus automation system. Other I/O includes the 8800 I/O unit, included with every system, that provides 24 AES I/O and 8 SRC I/O — and additional units can be added as required, or users can add the AES960, which provides 56 AES I/O all with SRC. MADI to Pro Tools interface boxes can be added in order to connect Pro Tools systems without the need for HD or AES I/O racks. MIOS units allow a variety of modules to be installed including mic pres, and analog, AES and SHD I/O.

The standard system comes with two XSP cards and one Quad MADI card. This provides about 70 inputs with processing, and four 5.1 surround stems. The Quad MADI card connects four MADI I/O sources or 224 audio streams. Extra XSP and MADI cards can be added at any time.

The PS/1’s user interface is clearly laid out, minimizing the learning curve for freelance engineers and ensuring that new users can start producing real projects on the system almost at once. An efficient workflow model allows reconforming from change lists and pre-mixes inserted into the final mix.

Overall the PS/1 is a complete system, with no add-ons required. Superb engineering and powerful DSP impart the highest quality, highest resolution audio and the acclaimed AMS Neve sound — without compromise. The AMS Neve DFC PS/1 Power Station is available now.

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