Korg releases free OASYS software version 1.2 update

Korg has announced Operating System Version 1.2 for the OASYS Open Architecture Synthesis Studio. In addition to new features and enhancements, it also offers a demo version of the LAC-1 Legacy Analog Collection containing the latest OASYS Expansion Instruments (EXi).

New OASYS v1.2 features include:
# An easy-to-use chord feature that allows the user to store a chord then transpose it by playing single notes on the keyboard. The chord mode has been integrated with the Drum/Chord Pads, allowing eight such chords to be stored.
# Polyphonic Unison and Unison Stereo Spread — Unison can now be enabled in Poly mode as well as in Mono. The new Unison Stereo Spread parameter distributes unison voices across the stereo field, for a more intense effect. The range of Unison Detune has been doubled.
# Improved parameter smoothing when using knobs, sliders, controls and tone adjust features.
# Increased polyphony for the AL-1 and STR-1 expansion instruments — the updated AL-1 has 96 voices (up from 84); the updated STR-1 has 48 voices (up from 32).

It also includes a demo version of the fifth and sixth OASYS synthesis engines from the forthcoming Legacy Analog Collection EXi option (LAC-1).

LAC-1 features enhanced versions of two classic Korg analog synths, using Korg’s proprietary CMT (Component Modeling Technology): the MS-20EX and PolysixEX. These EXi recreations of their acclaimed vintage predecessors offer many new features unique to the OASYS.

The MS-20EX is a flexible, semi-modular virtual analog synthesizer offering a faithful recreation of the original Korg MS-20, including its many features and its distinctive, often aggressive timbral signature. OASYS-only modifications include enhancements to the Patch Panel and AMS modulation for all original MS-20 controls, plus four additional EGs, four additional LFOs and four AMS mixers.

This rich-sounding virtual analog synth offers a faithful reproduction of the features and sonic character of the classic Korg Polysix plus the enhancements found in the Korg Legacy Collection version. PolysixEX also adds AMS modulation for all original Polysix knobs and switches plus two additional EGs, two additional LFOs and four AMS mixers.

As with all OASYS EXi instruments, these two new synths can be used alone or in a combination, with access to other powerful OASYS features — effects, KARMA, Vector, etc.

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