Neve ships the 8803 dual channel eq.

AMS Neve has begun shipping its Neve 8803 is a dual channel equalizer and filter.

Part of the exclusive 88 series collection, the Neve 8803 is designed to deliver the legendary Neve sound in a convenient 1U rack unit. The EQ circuits used on the 8803 are based on the classic Neve 8108 design, but with enhancements to the flexibility of frequency and Q ranges. Balanced Inputs and +/-20 dB of Trim are followed by two 12 dB per octave filters. Frequency selection is continuously variable on all bands with ranges of 33 Hz to 440 Hz, 120 Hz to 2 kHz, 0.8 kHz to 9 kHz and 1.5 kHz to 18 kHz.

Like the other units in the Neve 88 series collection, the 8803 features recallable settings; a USB port connects the unit to either a PC or a Mac® and a utility program can be used to store and recall settings. The 8803 is an essential tool for creative flexibility — analog outboard can be used alongside workstations and their settings recalled whenever required.

Key features include:
– Input trim +/-20 dB
– High pass filter 25 Hz to 300 Hz 12 dB per octave
– Low pass filter 3 kHz to 15 kHz 12 dB per octave
– EQ High 1.5 kHz to 18 kHz, selectable Shelving/Bell, selectable Hi Q
– EQ MID High 0.8 kHz to 9 kHz, Q range: 0.3 to 7 continuously variable
– EQ MID Low 12 0Hz to 2 kHz, Q range: 0.3 to 7 continuously variable
– EQ Low 33 Hz to 440 Hz, selectable Shelving/Bell, selectable Hi Q
– EQ bypass switch
– USB for Recall
– XLR-jack combi for the inputs, +4 dBu, -10 dBV
– XLR and parallel jack outputs
– External 100V-250V power supply
– Same family range as the 8816

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