Vestax announces the CDR-07 pro

The one and only professional CD player and rewritable recorder. Packed with full spec DJ functions and covers DJ/Musicians live play, home recording and needs in production studios, allowing real time rec and play.


– Accurate scratching and smooth mixing with the new touch sensor JOG wheel and control software.
– Speedy operation with the new start switch and cue buttons.
– Scratch and sample your own recorded vocal sounds!
– Practice guitar tunes with the Master Tempo feature
– Record your bands rehearsal and create simple Demos
– Record phrases while you DJ and add color to your performance by scratching and looping it.
– Make CD’s out of your favorite vinyls and analog cassette tapes
– Digitalize DTM analog sound sources instantly
– Number tracks while recording with the Foot switch track numbering system.
– Vestax has applied 3 different track-numbering modes for the CDR-07.
– The first mode is the usual silent point-detecting mode.
– The second is the FOOTSWITCH mode, which sets the track numbers by stepping on the foot switch while playing the instrument or device.
– The third mode, TIME STAMP MODE sets the track number at every time point (ex. Every 3mins), not being affected by the sound level. This is very useful for when recording speeches at seminars, or when uploading DTM data to your computer.
– CDR-07Pro’s digital connections come with COAXIAL digital input/output (IEC60958 TYPE II) and DIGITAL THROUGH OUT.
– MP3 readable with the 320kbps MP3 encoder and folder manageable.
– Maximum 8sec sampler, LOOP play, 3 digital effects, BPM counter, Max+/-100% pitch control, 1 octave key changer, reverse play, scratch mode, 4 point cue memory, disc memory

Price and shipping date will be announced soon.

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