TC-Helicon announces new realtime voice and harmony processor

TC-Helicon is proud to announce VoiceWorksPlus, an evolution of the industry standard voice and harmony processor Voiceworks.

VoiceWorksPlus continues furthers the benefits of its predecessor with an updated feature list including 4th generation intelligent harmony processing, as well as Voice ModelingTM, μMod (micromod), and a version of the Transducer block from TC-Helicon’s flagship studio voice processor, VoicePro. For vocalists playing live gigs with a MIDI sequencer for backup or recording songs in their home studios, VoiceWorksPlus offers a complete vocal processing path including advancements allowing singers to realize their vision of a perfect vocal sound. VoiceWorksPlus will ship March 2007 and will retail at EUR 740 excl. VAT. Integral to VoiceWorksPlus is the enhancements to the four voices of intelligent harmony. There are many benefits to 4th generation advancements, included more flexible and natural MIDI control of harmonies, as well as expanded humanization. Each harmony voice has unique energy, portamento and pitch-smoothing values, ported from VoiceDoubler, for better separation. Any voice can be designated as a doubling voice in all harmony modes. Controlling harmonies with MIDI is easier and more realistic sounding than ever: Automatic MIDI note extension matches harmony releases with the lead voice for smoother notes mode response. “Fussy” chord mode allows you to play runs and chords while controlling harmonies in chord mode. Scale mode MIDI-override offers quick solution to non-scale input notes without editing.

VoiceWorksPlus can be used in a wide variety of situations to create catchy vocals. Singers can engage voice Voice Modeling to smoothly transform their voice to be younger or breathier, or to emulate affectations of popular singers. Create a virtual harmony backup group from only one voice to increase the impact of live bands and recordings using the 4th generation intelligent harmony block. Wild, attention-getting vocal special effects can be created by layering from the complete suite of vocal effects including TC Reverb, Delay, Doubling, Distortion and more, . Add overall polish to your vocals with automatic pitch correction, compression and EQ. VoiceWorksPlus includes a quiet Burr Brown mic preamp with phantompower for condenser mics. VoiceWorksPlus customers are entitled to a free download of full featured VST compatible editor for PC and Mac.

VoiceWorksPlus will ship March 2007 and will retail at EUR 740 excl. VAT.


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