Linplug updates for Albino 3, Saxlab and Cronox 3/Sophistry

LinPlug recently released SaxLab v1.1, Rob Papen Albino v3.0.2 Beta and CronoX3 / Sophistry v3.0.8 (Release Candidate).

Albino 3.0.2 Beta changes:
* Fixed problem when loading Albino 2 presets with Triangle osc waveforms.
* Fixed flickering preset name when loading presets.
* Fixed Cubase 4 incompatibility.
* Fixed problem when randomizer changed effects only visually.
* Fixed problem of certain matrix modulations not working.
* All delays are now optimized for smooth behaviour on tempo changes.
* Fixed different filter sound of version 3.0.1.
* 63 new Rob Papen presets.

SaxLab 1.1 changes:
* Improved compatibility with Sonar.
* Slightly less CPU usage.
* Separately adjustable pitch bend range for up and down.

CronoX3 / Sophistry 3.0.8 Release Candidate changes:
* Fixed effects Wet parameter.
* Improved Reverb module with modulation.


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