Vista drivers update for Echo Firewire family

Updated Mac OS X drivers and Vista support have arrived for the AudioFire family! Support for OS X, Vista in 32-bit mode and an update for XP is now available.

Echo Digital Audio’s AudioFire line of digital recording products offers a wide range of possibilities for your professional audio needs — from the portable AudioFire 2 and AudioFire 4 to the rack-mounted AudioFire 8 and AudioFire 12.

Changes in this latest version:
• Added support for Windows Vista (32-bit)
• Phantom power for the AudioFire 4 is now saved and restored with console sessions
• Firmware fixes for improved Mac OS X support
• Firmware tweak for AudioFire 12 to improve playback at 176.4 and 192 kHz
• Changed the internal filter creation logic for better DirectShow support
• Improved playback buffer timing
• Firmware update to correct a problem with playback on AudioFire 8 and 12

Echo Audio

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