Renoise version 1.8 released

After months of hardcore testing and fine tuning, Renoise is proud to announce that the final version of Renoise 1.8 is ready for production. Renoise 1.8 Final has gone gold.

Renoise gives a big thanks to all who were involved into this release, namely the alpha testing group and all who took the time to report problems in the 1.8 bug reporting forum, or gave them ideas on how to make the current set of feature even better and fun to use.
Renoise hopes: “…that you noticed that we do not label our suggestion boxes with “trash” and try to listen to every single recommendation; Even if they can not implement the ideas in all cases at once: You all helped to make Renoise what it is. Feature and stability wise.”

Highlight features:
* Mixer
* External Audio Recording
* Line-In Device
* Accurate BPM
* Full Undo/Redo support
* XRNS, a new and open file format based on XML
* Focusable GUI Components
* Enhanced VST support
* Quick Search functionality
* FLAC, OGG, MP3 and M4A support


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