DJ Hardware Guide now online on the Native Instruments website

Native Instruments recently launched its DJ Hardware Guide, an extensive online resource that provides DJs with practical information about how to best choose, set up and operate the components of a computer-based DJ setup.

The “DJ Hardware Guide” caters to DJs of all styles and levels. It explains the basics of digital DJing in a newcomer-friendly way, and details different setup types ranging from compact laptop-only setups to professional time-code-controlled systems. Special attention is given to different types of hardware controllers, and how they are best combined to
form a powerful and affordable DJ system.

The guide ties in with the recently announced “TRAKTOR Ready” compatibility label, and includes a comprehensive buyers’ guide with detailed information on all controllers that are guaranteed to provide full compatibility with TRAKTOR 3, TRAKTOR SCRATCH and TRAKTOR LE.

The DJ Hardware Guide.

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