Dr. Device from Audio Damage available

The recently announced Dr. Device is now available from Audio Damage. Dr. Device is two hi-octane analog-style effects in one. First in the chain is a multi-mode filter, featuring our own private reserve 4-pole lowpass, along with 5 other tasty musical modes.

» Multi-mode filter (4PLP, 3PLP, 2PLP, 4PHP, 2PHP, and 4PBP modes). The 4PLP self-oscillates at high resonance without audio input, allowing Dr. Device to be used as a theremin-type instrument.
» “Tube” style soft saturation and bit reduction.
» Stereo bucket-brigade-style delay, with two filtering modes and tempo-synced time.
» 2-node XYZ control pad, hardwired for control from popular hardware XYZ pads.
» Sophisticated motion recording and kinetics control over the XYZ pad

Available for Windows and OSX through the Audio Damage website for $49.

Audio Damage

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