Frontier releases AlphaTrack Version 1.2 Driver

Now you can use the AlphaTrack compact DAW controller with Ableton Live. Frontier Design Group has just released AlphaTrack’s v1.2 driver, which includes support for Live v5.2.1 or later.

Use AlphaTrack’s innovative touch-sensitive jog/shuttle strip, touch-sensitive encoder knobs, LCD display, transport buttons, user-definable buttons, and 100mm touch-sensitive fader, to control levels, pans, solos, and much more in Ableton Live. Navigate to any device parameter or map it directly to a user-programmable control for quick access and easy automation.

Other software manufacturers are supporting AlphaTrack, too. Sagan Technology has added native support for AlphaTrack in Metro v6.4, and Magix has added native support for AlphaTrack in both Samplitude v10 and Sequoia v10. Propellerhead has included enhanced support in Reason 4, letting you use AlphaTrack to access the Thor Polysonic Synthesizer and RPG-8 Monophonic Arpeggiator, and to control features of the updated sequencer.

Here’s the current list of applications that work with AlphaTrack:
* ProTools M-Powered, LE, HD (Digidesign)
* Audition (Adobe)
* SONAR (Cakewalk)
* Guitar Tracks Pro (Cakewalk)
* Digital Performer (MOTU)
* MIDI Translator (Bome)
* Cubase (Steinberg/Yamaha)
* Nuendo (Steinberg/Yamaha)
* Final Cut Pro (Apple)
* Soundtrack Pro (Apple)
* Reason (Propellerhead)
* Reaper (Cockos)
* Tracktion (Mackie)
* midiStroke (Roberts)
* Live (Ableton)
* Metro (Sagan Technology)
* Samplitude (Magix)
* Sequoia (Magix)

AlphaTrack is a compact controller with a high-resolution fader for DAW mixing and editing, which fits easily on the desktop and is also a great companion for laptops. AlphaTrack runs in Windows XP and Vista, and Mac OS X (including Intel Macs). AlphaTrack connects to the computer using a single USB cable, and does not require an external power supply.

Frontier Design Group

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