Clavia is shipping the Nord Wave

The Nord Wave is built on a legacy of making virtual analog synthesizers for almost 15 years. Virtual means ‘not physically existing as such but made by software to appear to do so’.

Nord synthesizers are digital, but behave, feel and sound like analog synthesizers. An analog oscillator is limited to generating a few basic waveforms, and though we can add LFOs, EGs, and different filter types to make the patch more complex, the foundation of the sound is limited to what the oscillator can produce. Think of it like a highway – you don’t get more lanes by adding lots of access ramps. On the Nord Wave we have not only added a fast lane, but rebuilt the entire highway into a roller coaster. The magic is in the Wave’s oscillators, which produce far more than standard analog waveforms.

This is a concept we have been working on since the first Nord Lead synthesizer introduced in 1995, and currently includes: – Traditional analog waveforms such as Square, Triangle, Saw and Sine; – Frequency Modulation, or FM-synthesis, generating very complex and metallic waveforms; – Wavetables: single cycle waveforms with large variations in tonal character; – Sampled waves: Sampled acoustic instruments turned into wavetables with the attack portion of the sample intact; – User replaceable samples: standard .wav-files used as oscillator sources in a virtual analog environment; Filters are great for shaping your sound. We have included not only the basic filter types, but some really interesting multimode filters as well, including a Comb filter and formant filter. The ultimate form of sound-shaping, though, is Morphing: the ability to assign multiple sound parameters, each with custom ranges, to a single performance controller, such as the modulation wheel or a control pedal. It is a very intuitive and extremely powerful feature (just the way we like it), and will change not only your playing but also your approach to sound design. Featuring the ability to use any type of sampled waveforms, the Nord Wave is a sample player and an analog synthesizer in one – and anything in between. Like driving a Ferrari Enzo on the open Autobahn, tangible response and brilliant sound just can’t be described in words – you just have to experience it.


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