A persistent, uncontrollable desire from Serato

‘ITCH (ich) noun. a persistent, uncontrollable desire’ – After more than two years in the making, Serato Audio Research today announced a new DJ technology called ITCH. Serato ITCH is an integrated software and hardware solution for digital music selectors and DJs. Serato is working closely with select hardware partners to offer a level of integration, ease of use, and reliability never before seen in the digital DJ realm.

By design ITCH is simple: “It works straight out of the box” says Serato’s General Manager, Sam Gribben. “One-to-one hardware to software mapping means that we can provide a system that is fully featured, but still very easy to use.”

“There’s just one USB cable to your computer and an audio output to your sound system. Plug in your headphones and you have a complete portable DJ system with audio output, level control, crossfader and EQ.”

The entire audio chain is delivered via Serato software and all mix adjustments are controlled by the ITCH hardware. All audio is in the digital domain until the master audio output, with Serato proven technology from beginning to end.

ITCH takes music lovers into a new territory that gives them the ability to mix their music for fun or performance. If you use iTunes™, you can use ITCH to physically control the playback and mixing of your playlists. If you’re a Serato Scratch LIVE user, you’ll find that all your crates, cues, and loops are available in both programs.

It became apparent once working with Vestax and Numark engineers, that we could far surpass the usability and response of current DJ Controller bundles. ITCH software is uncompromisingly matched with the hardware and vice versa to ensure utmost reliability.

“When asked what data we wanted from a controller to our software our response was ‘how much can you give us?” says Future Products Engineer, Bill Mitsakos. “I think it surprised our hardware partners that we were insisting on high speed/high data rates when other software was asking for less.”

The first brands to announce future ITCH hardware are Numark and Vestax. Serato will announce other hardware partners soon. First public demonstrations of ITCH will be at Frankfurt Music Messe in March 2008.


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