Kontakt and Massive updates from Native Instruments

Native Instruments has released updated versions of Kontakt sampler and Massive synth plugin.

Kontakt v3.0.2 Improvements:
* Added back the lower window in Database / Quick Load.
* Samples and slices can now be dragged into the floating version of the Mapping Editor.
* Auto-Mapping now supports single keys.
* Loading dialog now shows correct status.
* Non-ASCII characters are now supported in the browser.
* Dramatically improved browsing and loading from NKX files.
* Countless bug fixes and cosmetic improvements.

Most important bug fixes:
o Fixed parse error at start-up.
o Fixed crash on hitting “Loop Edit” button during loop play.
o Fixed problem with knobs moving in different instruments.
o Fixed wave editor zoom reset after edit.
o Fixed reset to first results page in database.
o Fixed non-sticky Bounce button.

Massive v1.1.3 Changes:
* Improved preset loading and host instantiating times.
* Smaller graphic issues on MAC OS X Leopard fixed.

Native Instruments

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