MHC announce updates and new product structure

MHC Synthesizers and Effects announce updates and new product structure. The Studio Setup plugins have been split up into separate products, which means that the Space Synthesizer, Fatsondo and Voxynth synthesizers are available separately.

The same applies to the effects which were part of the Studio Setup; Vox FX, Space Effect and Flex FX. This doesn’t change anything for customers who bought the Studio Setup. They will still be supported.

On Mac OS X these plugins used to be installed by dragging and dropping them into the Audio Unit folder and then the user would have to activate them by running a “registration tool”. This procedure has been changed and the plugins are now installed using raditional installers which prompt for the user’s name and code before the installer puts the plugin in the correct folder. On Windows, the installers have been changed and the activation is carried out during the installation phase too, in a similar manner. The Space Synthesizer manual has been updated.


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