New RH10MS Professional Monitor Headphones from Yamaha

Yamaha introduces the new RH10MS Professional Monitor Headphones with S-Logic Technology. Yamahas legendary studio monitors have been the industry standard for their signature sound, accuracy and classic silhouette for more than two decades.

The RH10MS Professional Monitor Headphones carry on that tradition; in addition to offering true fidelity, the white plating on the outer ear cuffs is reminiscent of Yamaha’s signature white-cone studio monitor speakers.

The RH10MS’s S-Logic™ 3-Dimensional Natural Surround delivers a new standard in digital surround that sends sounds around the listener’s head, not just into it. Without relying on tricks like artificial echo or digital processing, the system allows listeners to experience music just the way the sound mixer produced it. “S-Logic is a wonderful innovation,” said Kenya Austin, product manager, Yamaha Accessory Products. “Instead of hitting the inner ear directly, the signals are reflected off the surface of the outer ear in different directions. The effect simulates listening to speakers several feet away and lets listeners perceive the same volume at significantly lower sound pressure.”

The RH10MS weighs 265 grams, excluding the three meter cord, and offers 18-21,000k frequency response, 32 Ohms impedance and 96 db sensitivity. The headphones, which include a 1/4″ adaptor, are compatible with all audio devices and feature an ergonomic design and padded band that provide ultimate comfort for extended wear. Also included is a velour pouch for added protection during storage.

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