Oxford PowerCore plug-ins now support PowerCore V3 for Mac

Optional upgrades are now available for Mac users wishing to upgrade to PowerCore V3. These upgrades are in Universal Binary format, meaning that they can run on both PowerPC and Intel Mac versions of OS X 10.4 and above, including 10.5 Leopard.

Other key features include :
* Audio Units compatibility now directly supported
* Native processing now included, allowing complete portability between native-only and PowerCore-accelerated operation via an on-board switch
* Asynchronous dithering, providing an improvement to quality at the noise floor level.

Full details of the improvements and changes over previous versions can be found within the PowerCore Plug-ins for Mac/Intel Mac Release Notes, available from the Sonnox website.

The upgrades are available to new purchases, or existing users. Customers who have purchased new PowerCore plug-ins directly from the Sonnox website, or from a Sonnox-appointed dealer can upgrade free of charge within 90 days of product registration. After this time, minimal upgrade charges will apply.

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