SPL released new Phonitor Headphone Amplifier

The Phonitor design is a high-end interpretation for what a complete headphone amplifier should be. A well chosen system of Phonitor and headphones can by and large replace loudspeakers and offers all that is required for a successful session long listening periods without ear fatigue. SPL therefore refers to the Phonitor as a headphone monitoring amplifier system.

The basis for this high-end development is our proven 120 volts reference technology based on handmade operation amplifiers. 120 volts corresponds to approximately four times the performance of standard analogue audio semiconductor technologies and twice that of the mot powerful designs. Through such 120 volts circuitry and processing we reach performance levels far beyond conventional designs in dynamic range and distortion levels, and the main technical specifications in music reproduction exceeds all known analogue or digital standards.

The SPL Phonitor is now shipping worldwide. Pricing is set at Euro 1599.

Sound Performance Lab

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